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Welcome to your free and personalized path to financial wellness!  Whether you're a student, a university administrator, an organization, or an individual, we have a personalized experience that will fit your needs. 


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Colleges & Universities

As a student, faculty member, or administrator, your school has a dedicated platform that you can access and customize to your individual needs. Thousands of articles, videos, infographics, and resources are included. Using adaptive learning technology, we tailor the experience to your goals. Whether you're a student who needs to learn how to create a budget, a faculty member that wants access to a financial curriculum,

or an administrator looking for new ways to engage students, you have free tools and resources whenever you need them. 

Colleges & Universities

Communities & Organizations

We give your organization access to an extensive library of online financial education courses and tools through a customized state-of-the-art platform.  Thousands of articles, videos, infographics, and resources are included.   Centered around popular financial topics. We enable your members to customize a plan unique to their needs.  Designed to not only teach financial acumen, the platform’s branded to match the look and feel of your organization and highlight your unique value proposition.  



Our Money Matters offers free online resources that help individuals get on the path to financial wellness. A combination of adaptive learning technology and access to thousands of videos, articles, and other resources enables you to customize the experience to meet your specific goals. Whether you are looking to get out of debt, buy your first home, or save for retirement, we have you covered.

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