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What We Do

The goal of Our Money Matters (OMM) is to develop, support, and scale access to financial education and sound financial practices for members of under-served communities.  The program initiative was developed by HBCU CDAC to provide opportunities for scholarships, employment, career exploration, and pathways to entrepreneurship. Through a combination of online tools and services delivered in-person, we are helping HBCU/MSI students, staff, alumni, and community residents around the campuses get their financial health in order.  We thank the Wells Fargo Foundation for its partnership.  


"Wells Fargo is proud to support Our Money Matters. Through this program, and other philanthropic initiatives, Wells Fargo is opening pathways to economic advancement for racially and ethnically diverse and low- and moderate-income individuals and families through programs that increase financial inclusion and access, reduce debt, drive savings and wealth-building behavior, and transform systems that provide a better context within which people lead their financial lives."

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:  Online Financial Education Hub

The digital platform empowers and supports participants in communities and educational settings to acquire knowledge, build habits, and access financial literacy education and personal finance tools and resources.


:  Financial Curriculum

The proprietary and curated courses were developed through a collaboration of subject matter experts including academics and financial professionals.  These courses integrate into general education and degree programs and are designed to promote financial literacy for both students and community residents.

:  The OMM Service Suite

Developed through partnerships with institutions in order to co-locate and co-program other well-being resources on campus and in surrounding communities. These include access to food pantries to address food insecurity as well as career closets that provide participants with access to appropriate work attire.

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