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Black Businesses Matter

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Our Money Matters, a free online financial wellness platform, is pleased to share resources for black-owned entrepreneurs provided by Berkeley Extension Program.

Free Small Business Tips and Toolkits for Black Businesses Developing business and ongoing operational plans is the first step to building a successful company. Here is a list of free toolkits, plans and tips designed to set Black-owned businesses up for success.

Digital Marketing Tips for Black Businesses Another critical step for any business is to develop a marketing plan. Today, a digital marketing strategy is integral to your business’s success and performance. The following resources will help you educate customers, keep them engaged, build a solid online reputation and more.

Directories That List Black-Owned Businesses Directory listings are a great way for you to expand your business’s visibility and access audiences that may have previously been out of reach. Here is a list of directories that cater specifically to Black-owned businesses.

  • The Black Business List — Since 1997, this directory has been dedicated to helping BIPOC business people start, maintain and grow viable businesses.

  • Black Business Green Book — Color Of Change’s Black Business Green Book is a directory where you can list Black businesses and discover many others.

  • EatOkra— EatOkra is an app for discovering Black-owned restaurants. They have a “Get Listed” option to help you get started.

  • Support Black-Owned — This site was created as a one-stop source that is used to bring visibility to Black business owners.

  • Black-Owned Brooklyn — This website seeks to lift up and preserve businesses and rich stories that are often overlooked in the Brooklyn area due to gentrification.

  • BBPA Black Business Directory — The Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA) has created a directory of Black businesses in which yours can be included.

  • Shop Black Biz — This website and app lists local and worldwide Black businesses in a variety of categories including beauty, food and drink, health and wellness and more

Associations That Support Black-Owned Businesses Associations are an excellent resource for connecting with industry contacts — and, in particular, connecting with other business owners. Here is a list of associations that support Black-owned businesses.

Funding Resources for Black-Owned Businesses Even though Black-owned businesses face challenges when applying for financing, there are still several opportunities to help bridge this racial gap. Here is a list of funding resources to help you get started.

Free Crowdfunding Resources for Black-Owned Businesses The internet has made crowdfunding a viable and innovative way for Black-owned companies and other economically marginalized groups to raise funds, allowing businesses to secure small investments from large pools of investors. Here are some resources to help you get started.

Our Money Matters is supported through a generous financial grant by the Wells Fargo Foundation


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