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Welcome to your free and personalized path to financial wellness!  Whether you're a student, a university administrator, an organization, or a community resident, we have a personalized experience that will fit your needs. 


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As a student, you will have your own customized experience with content, tools, and resources relevant to your unique situation. Using adaptive learning technology, we tailor the experience to you and what you want to learn. For example, you might be a first-year student with credit card debt and need to create a budget, or you may be about to graduate from school and have to pay back your student loans soon.  You will be able to access free tools and resources within your profile page to help you get on track with a specific financial plan. 

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University Administrators and Faculty

We give your school access to an extensive library of online financial education courses through a state-of-the-art platform that provides a personalized financial wellness experience for students.  Thousands of articles, videos, infographics, and resources are also included, centered around popular financial topics. The platform utilizes adaptive learning technology to automatically tailor the experience to each individual based upon their needs.  Designed to not only teach your students financial acumen, the platform’s branded to match the look and feel of your school and highlight your unique value proposition.


Organizations and Community Residents

For community organizations or residents that live around an HBCU/MSI campus, we offer free online resources that help get individuals on the path to financial wellness.  Through a combination of adaptive learning technology and access to thousands of videos, articles, and other resources, the experience is designed to tailor the user experience and what they want to get out of the program.  Whether they are looking to get out of debt, buy their first home, or save for retirement, we have them covered.

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